With the City of Toronto's closure of shelter hotels and threats of encampment eviction, residents need mutual aid now more than ever.

ALAB is helping community members connect with crucial services and resources, including healthcare, legal support, phones, charging banks, and phone plans.

Donations go towards:

  • Phone plans (45.20/month)
  • Critical non-OHIP covered healthcare services for community members (e.g. dental, optical, mobility devices)
  • Administrative fees (e.g. software, website hosting, office supplies)
  • Update - July 2023: Nearly 100% of donations are currently going to cover phone plans


Please consider giving monthly if you can to help us continue to deliver our programs consistently. Of course, all your personal information will remain confidential.

You can also donate via e-transfer to [email protected].

If you are interested in supporting ALAB's efforts by donating goods, please contact [email protected]. Our primary needs at the moment are tents, sleeping bags, tarps, batteries, camping stoves, underwear & socks.


The currency is in CAD and payment processing is with NationBuilder.