Volunteer Opportunities

*We will be welcoming new volunteers again soon! Please check back :)


community support

Community Support Committee

Direct Community Support

• The Community Support Committee offers direct support and coordination of external services to our neighbours, including housing applications, temporary shelter coordination, food delivery, financial aid (OW/ODSP), phones and access to healthcare.

• A subset of Community Support volunteers conduct regular outreach and enjoy being a part of the community in encampments.

• Community Support, Special Projects and Donations Committees can always benefit from volunteer drivers.


Legal Committee

Legal Assistance and Public Support

• The Legal Committee focuses on offering legal resources, as well as providing support for public interest cases.

• Members of this committee also help support community members directly by providing outreach to the legal community for times when our neighbours have specific legal needs.


Donations Committee

In-kind Inventory Management

• The Donations committee is responsible for receiving, sorting and inventorying, as well as helping to distribute in-kind donations.

phone drive hot food

Special Projects Committee

Community Programming

• The Special Projects Committee focuses on project management: setting targets, establishing timelines, delegating tasks.

Currently, the Special Projects Committee is focused on two main projects:

             • Phones for All , where we aim to provide our neighbours with access to mobile phones to help them stay connected.
             • ALAB's Illest Meals
, where we provide hot meal servings and associated community events in the parks.


Administration Committee

Organization Administration

• The Administrative Committee ensures that the organization functions properly by supporting the administrative and infrastructural needs of the other committees.

• Members of this committee help to find and maintain workspaces (physical or digital) take meeting notes and build frameworks.


Volunteer Committee

Help Our Community Grow

• The Volunteer Committee works directly with the people contributing to ALAB, from finding volunteers to assigning, training and maintaining them.

• The committee regularly do check-ins with our volunteers to ensure their needs and well-being are being taken care of, that they have the capacity to do their work and to take any feedback.


Tech Committee

Coordinate Technological Needs

• The Tech Committee helps us come up with technological solutions to our needs and troubleshoots issues with our current tools.

• This work includes helping to maintain our digital workspace (Zoho), phone line, and website, as well as managing technical aspects of projects such as the Phone Drive.


Research Committee

Keep Us Informed, Gather Resources

• The Research Committee conducts research to keep us informed about political issues and current events, to help determine the best practices for our organization and programming, and to compile a database of community resources.


Social Media and Website Committee

Help Us Reach Out

• The Social Media and Website Committee creates and shares content to raise support for our programming and community members.

This committee also provides a platform for communication between the organization, our community, as well as those involved in the issues we care about, be it government officials, the media, or private citizens.

This committee includes folks with a lived experience of social media use, graphic designers, website designers and others who have relevant skills.


Fundraising Committee

Help Us Build our Programming

• The Fundraising Committee works hand-in-hand with the Social Media and Finance Committee to help us raise and manage funds.

• This work is essential to our ability to pay for program costs, workspace, administrative tools and labour.

• Fundraising occurs through community events, social media campaigns and grant applications.


Finance Committee

Track and Organize Our Finances

• The Finance Committee tracks our income and expenses, consults on organization goals and their associated costs, and makes financial data available to all ALAB members in an easy-to-understand fashion.

• This work ensures we are using our money as efficiently as possible and helps to maintain transparency.